Central Alabama Gun Club


The 300 yard Range improvements are complete and it has been re-opened.


  • Steel Matches are suspended until a match director is in place.
  • 22 LR Sniper Match.  Saturday November 1, 10:00 AM. 300 yard range.
  • Open range sight-in day will be Saturday November 1st, 9am to 3pm at the 100 yard range.The public is invited.
  • Nov. 1st 2014 22LR Sniper Match. gate opens at 8:00. Sign up 9:30 match starts at 10:00 am. Location 300 yd Range.
  • USPSA Club match Nov. 2nd 2014 - 10:00 am Pistol Pits 1-6
  • No Club meeting Nov. 1st 2014
  • IDPA Match Saturday Nov.15, 2015 Pistol Pits 1-6 gate opens at 8:00 am for set-up. Shooters meeting 9:30 match starts at 10:00 am
  • Next sched Club meeting Feb. 7, 2015 Clubhouse 2:00 pm
  • 22 LR Sniper Match Dec. 6, 2014 gate opens at 8:00. Sign up 9:30 match starts at 10:00 am. Location 300 yd Range
  • IDPA match Saturday Dec. 20th 2014 Pistol Pits 1-6 gate opens at 8:00 am for set-up. Shooters meeting 9:30 match starts at 10:00 am.
  • May 30 & 31, 2015 GSSF Match-Glock Challenge 2015
    Pistol bays.


PLEASE NOTE: CAGC Does not allow any types of Exploding Targets.

  • Our IDPA match results are now posted. Click here for latest results and IDPA match information updates. Make sure to like our MIDPA Facebook page hereHope everyone enjoyed the match. We are missing several email addresses. Please
    help if possible. Fletcher Scott, Zone Hartzog, Wes Presley, Chuck Jorgensen.
  • Members must print and sign wavier form. Guests must also fill out and sign wavier. Only one signed wavier needed per guest. If your guest is under 19, the guardian needs to sign. GET FORM HERE
  • We now have a Members Only Page. To login you are to use your email address that the club has on file and your gate card number as the password. All passwords are 5 digit numbers. If your gate card number is less than five digits add zeros the the front of your number. Access Here.
  • Membership currently closed. Click here for details.


IDPA: images-1.jpeg


IDPA Match Scores:

Jan 18, 2014 IDPA, Feb 15, 2014 IDPA, May 17, 2014 IDPA, Jun 21, 2014 IDPA, Jul 19, 2014 IDPA, Aug 16, 2014 IDPA, Sept 20, 2014 IDPA,

F-Class Match Scores:

Feb 22, 2014 F-Class, Apr 14, 2014 F-Class, May 24, 2014 F-Class, July 26, 2014 F-Class, Oct 11, 2014 F-Class,

Open range sight-in day will be Saturday November 1st, 9am to 3pm at the 100 yard range. The public is invited.

 22 LR Sniper Match

Click here for match Information.

Everyone is Welcome to shoot all our Matches at CAGC. Our matches are open to the Public.

Welcome to the home of the Central Alabama Gun Club (CAGC). The range is located roughly 14 miles east of Montgomery, near Shorter, Alabama. Click here for directions.

Visit & register at the CAGC Bulleting Board for the most current information on club activities & even in addition, you can post questions, opinions & for sale items. You don't have to be a club member to register.

CAGC hosts IDPA, USPSA, Steel Challenge, F-class, CMP, ICORE and Cowboy Action matches.

Facilities include 12 pistol bays, 100 & 300 yard rifle ranges, a falling plate pistol bay, an archery range and an air conditioned clubhouse with 4 restrooms (M&F).






We are proud to announce that The Revolutionary War Veterans Association will be conducting a Project Appleseed event on the weekend of 26 - 27 April at the Central Alabama Gun Club. The aims of Project Appleseed are to teach every American our shared heritage and history, and traditional rifle marksmanship.

The heritage program vividly portrays the Battles of Lexington and Concord on 19 April 1775 while the rifle marksmanship program teaches traditional American marksmanship skills.

Participants will be taught fundamental rifle marksmanship skills that allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 yards, with iron sights, standard rifle and surplus ammo -- the traditional 'Rifleman's Quarter mile', which is an uniquely American Rifleman skill. This is a two day, all day event. For more information, rates and to register go to www.appleseedinfo.org.