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.22 Sniper

".22 LR. Sniper Match" F-Class style shooting - .22 long rifle shot from 50 out to 200 yards


.22 Sniper Match-Central Alabama Gun Club

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.22 Sniper Match Details
2nd Saturday Every Month (check web site for match schedule, changes and Updates before every match. Or email David. – Gate opens at 8:00 am. Sign up 9:30 am. Safety meeting and draw for shooting position and relay, 9:30 am. Match starts at 10:00. You must draw for shooting position and slot time!
Location: CAGC 300 Yard Range.

F-Class style Match. - Open – Auto – Bipod All Shot from Prone position. Unless you are physically unable to go prone. In this case you will be allowed to shoot from a bench. Front rest and back rest are allowed. Front sand bag and back sand bag allowed in Open Class or Auto Class. No one piece style rest. No lead sledge or shooting vice.

Open Class – 22 LR only

Auto Class- 22 LR only

Bipod Class – 22 LR Only. Rifle Weight under 11 pounds; Front Bipod-only Tactical type Bipods & Rear Sand Bag. Magazine feed or Tubular magazine, No Single shot Rifles in Bipod class.

  1. Gun Mounted-Tactical Bipod, etc...
    • Harris
    • Caldwell
    • Blackhawk
    • UTG Tactical
  2. All targets will be shot prone unless otherwise specified.
  3. 70 round match for score, 10 steel targets at each distance with unlimited sighters at each distance
  4. Steel Targets must fall to Score. 1 shot per Target. Limited to 10 shots for score at each distance.
  5. We will have seven competitors Shooting, each time. You will shoot from the same place the entire match.
  6. Match fees are $10. You may shoot an additional gun in another Class for $5.
    DistanceSizeSighter Steel
    50 yd.1-1/4”x 2”10”
    75 yd.1-1/2”x 2”10”
    100 yd.2 x 3”12”
    125 yd.3” Diamond12”
    150 yd.4 x 5”15x18” Rectangle
    175 yd.5-1/2” Diamond5” Diamond
    200 yd.5 X 6” 15x18” Rectangle
  7. Rifles on firing line will not be handled while target setters are down range – bolt open, magazine removed.
  8. Spotters allowed. Bring your Spotting scope.
  9. Competitors not on firing line are expected to help set targets.
  10. Gate will open at 8:00 AM.. Match Located at 300 yd. Range
  11. Rifles may be worked on at the designated Safe Area. No ammo allowed at the Safe Area.
  12. Rifles will remain cased or in rack when not on the line – bolt open, magazine removed.
  13. When moving with rifle – bolt open, magazine removed, muzzle up or down.


Shorter Forecast


David Rawlinson


  • 2nd Saturday of every month except the month of October.
  • October match date will be post under upcoming events on CAGC Main page.

.22 Sniper