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If you would like to volunteer to work as a Range Officer, please contact Joe Peel via The benefits are: a GSSF hat and your choice of one ‘GLOCK Goodie’ per day. Typical goodies are field knives, backpacks, benchmats, gun rugs, gun magazines, entries, etc. You get one goodie for each day you work to a maximum of two gifts. You receive free lunch & drinks. You will be entered in a drawing for Glock Pistol certificates based on how many days you work. You do not need to be present to win..

GSSF on Modern Shooter:

CAGC is hosting our 6th annual Sweet Home Alabama Glock Challenge February 17 and 18, 2018. Cost is $25 per entry for GSSF Members. Range Officers shoot one entry for free. There is an additional, one-time $10 administration fee for walk up competitors, so pre-register and save!

*We will have official Match T-Shirts and Lunch Plates for sale so don't bring lunch!*

The Glock Sport Shooting Foundation or ‘GSSF’ is a program created by Glock Inc. to promote the use of Glock pistols in organized shooting competitions. GSSF is a great way for new shooters to get involved in competitive shooting. Everything you need to shoot a GSSF event is included in the Glock plastic box, except for a couple extra magazines, ammo, and hearing / eye protection.

GSSF gives away lots of guns, prizes, and cash on both performance and random basis. Membership in the GSSF allows you to participate in GSSF competitions, receive newsletters and coupons for Glock pistols at a discounted price. For information & registration go to The best place to obtain information is in the Glock Report, which is published twice a year.

GSSF Membership is $35 for new members and entitles you to purchase a Glock pistol at a discounted rate after 1 year of membership.

A GSSF match consists of 3 courses of fire with 81 rounds minimum per entry, but always bring more (especially for the plates). GSSF recommends 150 rounds per entry. The 3 courses are :

Ladies may also participate in an additional Division, the *GLOCK Girls Side Match*. This side match is a Ladies-Only event open to females of all ages, and will run concurrently with the GSSF match.

An additional Division is now available for the new G42s, the *Pocket GLOCKs Division*. This Division follows the same rules and prize distribution as the Major Sub Division.

For more information on the Sweet Home Alabama Glock Challenge, contact Joe Peel via email at


Joe Peel